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Emmy Winner, 3D/2D Animator, Webmaster, Videographer, Writer, Computer Doctor

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I'm Don Myers, an all around creative guy from Cincinnati, Ohio now living in Los Angeles, California in the Sunset Strip area. As a content creator I am a generalist.  I don't do one thing perfectly I do a lot of things pretty well. It is like having a movie studio inside my head.


Shia LabeoufI've done 3D and 2D animation for all the major studios, even RKO, and I didn't know RKO  was still a thing!  For twenty years I've built, textured, lit and animated hard surface models, environments and special FX.  The best movie I worked on was Holes for Disney directed by Andy Davis.  A piece of "magical realism" (think "The Simpsons"), it is a Disney movie featuring an interracial murder and a revenge killing!  I think it is the best live action movie the studio ever released.  Other good movies include The Guardian (Disney),, and Defiance (Paramount).  I also worked on some of Hollywood's biggest flops like Red Planet (WB) and Pluto Nash (WB).  I think more people saw my demo reel of Pluto Nash than saw the real thing!

I also do logos, architectural visualization, website design and more.


HBO miniseries I was on the team that won an Emmy in 2010 working for Spielberg/Tom Hanks on The Pacific (HBO).  I was in charge of 3D modeling and the creation of lots of background vehicles.  I also did some compositing and animated way too much tracer fire.  Boy, everybody sure shot flaming bullets a lot in WWII.  Since that gig, sadly, a lot of work has fled Hollywood for places like Georgia, Canada, London and even tiny New Zealand. They all give controversial tax breaks to productions that often don't even benefit their economies.   I don't blame the studios for trying to save money. DVDs are not selling and the profit on a feature film is 5%. I don't blame people in other countries for wanting to do this fun, challenging work. I blame our government at all levels for letting it happen.  They only started to try to keep business in LA after the tax base had taken a major hit. Too late!


scientology gold baseI am one of the main investigators and protesters of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles.  My photographs and videos are used on some of the most controversial Wikipedia pages the Church has tried to delete.  They are the only organization banned from editing Wikipedia.  My work has also been seen on newscasts as far away as Australia and on European documentaries, plus all three seasons Leah Remini's Emmy winning A&E show "Scientology & the Aftermath."  I also helped startup up a Youtube channel called for Scientology whistleblowers to be interviewed telling stories no other media would touch. It now has over 25,000 subscribers, over 10 million views, and has spawned other websites and bloggers giving the Church of Sci still more people to fight. My main Scientology channel on Youtube has been taken down TWICE by spurious complaints by the Church which advertises heavily on Youtube. My main website ANGRYGAYPOPE.COM has been attacked via DDOS by the Church literally billions of times so you know it bothers them.


the bodice ripper comedy scriptI created several funny comedy videos before I came to Los Angeles such as "Nick Dixon Private Eye."  It won several awards and was shown here in LA by the American Cinematheque at the Raleigh Studios Chaplin Theater.  Many of my Scientology videos are also very funny.  And a I wrote a hilarious feature length script "The Bodice Ripper."  It is the story of a breast crazed Victorian hypnotist who gains the power to control minds but loses his own.  One talent manager told me the script read "like a fifth draft."  I said "it is!"


west hollywood computer repairI've fixed computers in LA for twenty years and have built about forty Windows machines from scratch. I can come to clients or they can drop their computers off at my place. More about this at my website which I wrote myself  I also blog about technology there.  

don j. myers wall
don j. myers leather rugged headshot stubble beard
architectural rendering
Dragon Age Redemption harbor
A Lunar Las Vegas from Warner Bros. gorgeous megabomb "Pluto Nash."  Some windows in "Oxygen Pods" building reveal people making out in rented pods after meeting in the disco upstairs.
Elements from Disney's "The Guardian"
"Look Development" stage of "The Guardian"
HIV Virus on the prowl
Lt. Cmdr. Kate Bowman (Carrie-Ann Moss) takes aim at director Antony Hoffman's crotch during the troubled production of Warner Bros. Red Planet
 Primeval landscape of the early earth done for the History Channel (aka low budget)
The opening shot of The Bodice Ripper as an animatic.
The Bodice Ripper's London is a polluted mess with werewolf infested sewers.
This single engine Huey was modeled for Deep Blue Sea and also appeared in Collateral Damage. Built from photos.
Lightly textured Honda motorcycle exploded in firely climax of "Collateral Damage."
Research Station Aquatica takes a pounding in Deep Blue Sea. I built and textured all the geometry from photos, not blueprints.
This is the Aquatica 3D element before compositing.
Secret hideout of the WB's "Birds of Prey," the Gotham Clock Tower!
A still frame from The Bodice Ripper's opening shot. The animated fog took much longer to render than the set.
My Mummy from the movie "Tales of the Mummy" began its (after)life as a scanned maquette.
Egyptian matte painting from "Tales of the Mummy." I animated all the animals, people and FX
The Bodice Ripper's escape balloon is fittingly mammary.
New Gotham City (detail) from the WB's "Birds of Prey" billboard campaign
 Amiga Art
I made this image while beta testing Lightwave 9.0 ...
Hand Drawn Art